"Our experience provides the foundation for our work and at the same time inspires us to continue advancing forward." Hans-Peter Schlosser, Service Coordinator

Experience meets innovation
Our history as partner in the field of industrial plant engineering

The story of our success begins in the early 1990ies. When the company was privatised in the course of the re-unification of Germany, we were able to increase our staff to more than 60 employees and thus lay the foundation for international success in our sector.

In order to meet the high demand from our customers we enlarged our premises by a new office building and workshop in 1997. In 2005 we added a large warehouse with more office space.

What started as a traditional Saxon company today is your partner for refractory works and the development of cremation system, pet cremators and medical waste cremators worldwide.

Our tailor-made systems are in operation at more than 140 sites – with new ones being added every day.